Optimizing Payload in DENSO WinCAPS III Software

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Optimizing the payload allows the robot to move faster based off the set payload on the robot controller. This can be done directly on the controller as well as offline on our WinCAPS III software. The setting changes can then be sent to the robot controller. The payload setting also affects simulation cycle times. This document will focus on how to set these parameters on WinCAPS III on an RC8/A project.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Login at Programmer
TOOL > Re-Login > input your password for WinCAPS III

Step 2

Open up a WinCAPS III project where you want to optimize payload.


Step 3

Once the project is loaded, go to the Parameter menu.


Step 4

Under the USER parameters, you will modify option numbers 1 and 8.

Option 1 designates the actual payload the robot is using. This payload should include the weight of the part the robot is picking up, the weight of the tooling, and any other objects that the robot will be lifting. Do not set this value lower than the actual payload the robot is using to avoid damage to the robot and/or controller.

Option 8 tells the robot controller to optimize either PTP, LINEAR, BOTH PTP and LINEAR, or NONE. Typical applications have this set to a 3 which optimizes both PTP and LINEAR motion based off the payload value.

Press OK once you have input the required values to save it your project. WinCAPS III may hang up a bit as it loaded the new parameters.

Step 5 (optional)

Send the parameter data to the robot controller.

Click Connect > Transfer data

From the WinCAPS III column expand the Parameters and select Arm parameters.

Click the Send button to send the optimization parameters to the robot controller. The robot controller will now display these updates settings under ARM > AUX > CONFIG from the teaching pendant.

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