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Applicable Errors: 

84404571 – J1: Motor Overcurrent 

84404572 – J2: Motor Overcurrent 

84404573 – J3: Motor Overcurrent

84404574 – J4: Motor Overcurrent

84404575 – J5: Motor Overcurrent

84404576 – J6: Motor Overcurrent

84404577 – J7: Motor Overcurrent

84404578 – J8: Motor Overcurrent


844044B1 – J1: Excessive current error

844044B2 – J2: Excessive current error

844044B3 – J3: Excessive current error

844044B4 – J4: Excessive current error

844044B5 – J5: Excessive current error

844044B6 – J6: Excessive current error

844044B7 – J7: Excessive current error

844044B8 – J8: Excessive current error


84404431 – J1: Driver unit Overcurrent (U-Phase)

84404432 – J2: Driver unit Overcurrent (U-Phase)

84404433 – J3: Driver unit Overcurrent (U-Phase)

84404434 – J4: Driver unit Overcurrent (U-Phase)

84404435 – J5: Driver unit Overcurrent (U-Phase)

84404436 – J6: Driver unit Overcurrent (U-Phase)

84404437 – J7: Driver unit Overcurrent (U-Phase)

84404438 – J8: Driver unit Overcurrent (U-Phase)



84404441 - J1: Driver unit Overcurrent (V-Phase)

84404442 – J2: Driver unit Overcurrent (V-Phase)

84404443 – J3: Driver unit Overcurrent (V-Phase)

84404444 – J4: Driver unit Overcurrent (V-Phase)

84404445 – J5: Driver unit Overcurrent (V-Phase)

84404446 – J6: Driver unit Overcurrent (V-Phase)

84404447 – J7: Driver unit Overcurrent (V-Phase)

84404448 – J8: Driver unit Overcurrent (V-Phase)



Error Description: 

Current flow through the motor or the driver unit of the corresponding axis exceeded the permitted value. 



Possible Remedy:         


  • Reduce the robot speed, acceleration and deceleration.
  • Confirm the end of arm load is not in excess of parameter value & arm capacity.
  • Motor encoder cable broken.
  • Robot is not colliding with any external obstacle. 
  • Driver Unit failure
  • Robot internal wiring is damaged.
  • Mechanical failure of drive component in specified joint
  • Motor failure


Tools and Parts Needed

Full Sized Teaching Pendant

#2 Phillips Screwdriver

Hex Wrench Set

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Confirm the end of arm load is not in excess of parameter value & arm capacity.

  • Identify specifications of tooling (mass of payload, COG, & Moment of inertia).
  • Confirm parameter value (arm – aux – config – parameters 1 through 7).

Step 2

Verify the motor encoder cable is not broken or damaged.

  • Confirm visually.

Step 3

Robot is not colliding with any external obstacle. 
  • Confirm visually.

Step 4

Verify Driver unit operation.
  • Replace Driver unit of erroring joint with driver unit of same size within controller, or install new card from spare parts.

Step 5

Verify no damage to wiring harness inside of robot. 
  • Remove arm covers and confirm visually.
Step 6
Verify there is no mechanical failure of drive component in specified joint.
  • Release brake of specified joint and move joint by hand. Check for seizing, inconsistent movement or rough movement. 

Step 7

Motor failure
  • Release brake of specified joint and check for seizing or tightness when moving.

Next Steps:

  • For repair options in the Americas please contact support@densorobotics.com
  • For repair options outside of the Americas, please contact your local Denso Service Center. 

Owner's Manual Reference

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