What is Required?



  • Any PLC in the Compact Logix or Control Logix family.
  • Studio 5000 Software with Version 30.0.0 or later
  • AOI  Function block Library
  • RC8 or RC8A controller with firmware 2.5.5 or later
  • Ethernet IP Communication Board
  • Command Slave License

Where can I acquire the AOI Library and Command Slave License?

The Command Slave license and the AOI Library can be acquired from the Denso Wave website by a registered user free of charge. The manuals are also located here. Currently, the AOI library is not available through Rockwell, but I am working with them now to have it added to their website as well. 

Command Slave License (Generate the License key on densorobot.com website)

Product Name: Command-Slave
RC8 Serial Number:(your controller serial number)


AOI Library files


Next Steps

Owner's Manual Reference