This error applies to the following controllers: 

Possible cause

This error usually happens when some of the arguments from the Pallet.CalcPos have not been correctly initialized.

What to check

Start by checking that the following arguments are properly initialized

Pallet.CalcPos(P1_P3 divisions,P1_P2 divisions,Height of one stack,pallet 4-corner position P1,pallet 4-corner position P2,pallet 4-corner position P3,pallet 4-corner position P4,pallet target position number[, Stack count])

Pallet target position number must be a number between 1 and (columns X rows). If its set at 0 it will generate "Invalid parameter error". 

Stack count is an optional argument if you are not working with stacked pallets. the first stacked layer starts at 1. If this argument is set to 0 "Invalid parameter error" will occur. 

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