RC9 Unboxing - Disabling Safe Motion SS2 & RLS Inputs for Motion

Modified on Fri, 10 Feb, 2023 at 4:32 PM

This article explains how to disable the RC9 (both M and L variants) SS2 and RLS inputs to allow motion after unboxing.

Each RC9 Controller comes with Safe Motion already installed.  Two of these functions, SS2 (Safe Stop 2) and RLS (Robot Limited Speed) are enabled by default from the factory and will prevent the robot from moving unless they are wired in for use (see RC9 Safe Motion Manual) or disabled through WinCAPS III.

After you have successfully powered up the robot, and have the Safety IO circuit wired, you can follow the procedure below to disable the SS2 and RLS Safe Motion Inputs to allow you to begin moving the robot.

  1. Create a backup project of the controller if you haven't done so already.
  2. Go to Project > Parameters > Safety
    1. Disable Parameter #3
    2. Disable Parameter #4
    3. Disable Parameter #7
    4. Disable Parameter #8
    5. Disable Parameter #9
    6. Disable Parameter #10
  3. Save Project
  4. Connect and send the WinCAPS project to the controller.
  5. Open RC9 Safety Parameter Send Tool
  6. Open saved controller backup
  7. Send safety parameters using the RC9 Safety parameter send tool.
  8. Power Cycle controller after parameters is successfully sent, following the prompts on the teach pendant screen.  Wait the full amount of recommended time between power cycles.

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