Mirror Control

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DENSO Mirror Control

This function allows you to control a DENSO robot directly using the motion from a DENSO Cobotta collaborative robot arm. This document will go over how to setup and operate this function.



  • RC8 series robot controller (software version 2.13.* or higher)
  • Robot you want to control
  • License for Master/Slave
  • COBOTTA (software version 2.13.* or higher)(*1)
  • Emergency stop box (for COBOTTA)
  • Mini I/O cable (2 pieces) (*2)
  • Teach Pendant
  • Ethernet cable (*2)

*1: If the software version 2.12.* is used, please contact our sales representatives.

*2: Please prepare it by customers.

The following are equipment can be used to operate the COBOTTA. Please prepare either of them.

  • PC (To connect, Hub is necessary.)
  • Tablet


DENSO Robot using RC8A or RC9/MC9 controller

RC8A controller|Robot controller|products|industrial robots|DENSO WAVE

  • DENSO Cobotta robot

610000-2974 Denso Robotics | Industrial Automation and Controls | DigiKey  Marketplace

  • License for robot you wish to control


Safety Notes

  • The master robot should be installed and operated outside of the safety fence of the slave robot.
  • When installing COBOTTA to a workbench, consider so that COBOTTA does not fall from the workbench during operation.
  • The slave robot should be installed within the safety fence so that you can see it from the operating position of the master robot.
  • If the license is not registered, an error occurs when connecting with COBOTTA.
  • If the mini-pendant is connected to the slave controller, an error occurs when connecting with COBOTTA.
  • At the connection from COBOTTA, if a program (except the supervisory task and TP panel task) is being executed with the slave controller, an error occurs when connecting with COBOTTA.
  • When using the Master/Slave function, if emergency stop or protective stop is turned on, an error occurs in both COBOTTA and the slave controller.
  • If the exclusive control function is enabled, the Master/Slave function cannot be executed. With the exclusive control function enabled, if you try to connect with the master robot, an error occurs.








System layout




Wire the system appropriately so that the safety signals communicate correctly between both robots.

When Connected to Facilities’ Emergency Stop


When Not Connected to Facilities’ Emergency Stop



Failure to wire appropriately will not allow you to operate this function properly as the setup requires the stop signals to be checked between the robots prior to operation.



  1. Input license into RC8A controller. This can be done directly on the teaching pendant or from Wincaps3 if you are connected to the controller.


  1. Prepare function settings on the teaching pendant (RC8A controller).




  1. Prepare functions on the master unit. For this example, we are using the Cobotta as the master unit.



  1. Connect the master unit to the slave unit and confirm emergency stop connection. Once the emergency stop is confirmed, it will not need to be done again unless the unit is rebooted.


  1. Synchronize the master robot and slave robot. Performing this sync process will automatically move the master robot to match the slave robot’s position. You can also manually jog the slave robot from the teaching pendant to move within the specified movement range.



  1. Set the parameters on the master robot unit if you want to control specific outputs or modify settings are needed per the application.



  1. You can now operate the slave robot by using DIRECT operation from the master robot.








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