Rotate Robot around a Plane

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There are a few ways to have the robot rotate around a defined plane

Tools and Parts Needed

Teach Pendant or WinCAPS III

If you are not sure which part number you need or the Robot Arm you own please stop and contact your DENSO Robotics sales representative.

Optional Methods

Method 1: ROTATE

The ROTATE command will rotate the robot arm through a circular path, for a determined number of degrees, along a defined plane.

Required Inputs include 

  1. Reference Rotary Surface: use existing planes "XY, YZ, ZX, XYH, YZH, ZXH", or a user-defined plane via 3 Vectors.
  2. Rotary Angle: how many degrees that should be rotated
  3. Rotary Center Coordinates: the center axis of rotation, or what the arm will be rotating around.

ROTATE Command

Method 1A: Existing Plane

Method 1B: User-Defined Plane

Method 1 Option: Rotary Option

This option determines whether or not the robot pose is maintained through rotation.

Pose 1: robot posture changes with rotation

Pose 2: robot posture is maintained through rotation

Method 2: RotateH

The RotateH option rotates the robot around the TOOL approach vector.  The tool approach vector is whatever the robot's Tool Z axis happens to be.  The TOOL approach vector can be changed via TOOL Offsets.

Method 3: Single Line Position Offset

This method simply adds a position modifier to the move command.  In the code sample, the robot moves to position P1, then moves to P1 with the RY position increased by 10 degrees.  The "H" at the end of the modifier tells the command to apply it to the Tool approach vector.

Owner's Manual Reference

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