Setting RC8/RC8A next battery replacement date

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Most of our robot models require to get the battery replace every 2 years as part of the PM procedure. Once you have replaced the batteries on the robot arm you want to reset the timer on the robot controller.

The following video shows how to reset the replacement date timer on the RC8 and the RC8A controllers. 

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Press “Cancel” on the pendant until you are at the top screen.

Press “Setting” on the main screen

Step 2

Press “Date and Maintenance” button (F7)

Step 3

To reset the date for the Arm’s encoder battery (2 years) then press “Encoder Battery” (F3)

Step 4

Press “2 years later” button. Confirm date is correctly set for 2 years after the date of the battery replacement.

If the battery was changed on a different day then the reset was initiated, you can press the correct day on the replacement schedule calendar.

The blue marker will move to whatever number you press.

Once correct date is confirmed then press “OK”.

Step 5

Press “OK” again to complete date setting.

Step 6

To reset the date for the Controller battery, follow the same steps above except select “Controller Battery”(F2) on the Date and Maintenance page.

Owner's Manual

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