Issues with brand new RC8A

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After receiving a new robot from Japan there will be an error related to the Auto Enable signal if External power is not supplied. In order to recover from this error you will need to set the controller's language to English and then set the Mini I/O power to internal mode.

Related Error codes:
 854A1385,  854A1384


Language Change

Japanese language 

  1. Lock the pendant by pressing the “LOCK” button towards the top of the pendant. 
  2. Press Cancel to clear any errors. 
  3. Press F[6] Setting 
  4. Press F[3] Pendant 
  5. Press F[1] Language 

  1. Select English 
  2. Press OK 
  3. Press OK 

  1. Asking “ Are you sure you want to change the language 
  2. Press OK 

  1. Asking “Display language change on next boot 
  2. Select top option button 
  3. Press OK

  1. Says “Will turn off the controller 
  2. Press OK. 
  3. Power the controller down and wait 10 seconds before powering back up. 
  4. NOTE: The controller will not boot without and IO error….

Internal IO power setting

Solving the Error 854A1385,  854A1384
1. After re-booting the controller, this error will display.  
2. The controller needs to be switched to “Internal Power”
3. Press the “Lock” button near the top of the pendant.
4. Press the “Cancel” button to clear any errors.
5. Change the controller from External power to Internal power
Change I/O parameters
1. From the Main teach pendant screen:
a. IO > Aux > IO Parameters
b. Edit parameter # 59
c. Change to Internal (1)
d. Press OK
  1. Press OK 
  2. Power down the controller. 
  3. Wait 10 seconds before re-booting. 
  4. Re-Boot the controller.

Controller should boot up with no error message

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