The RC8/A controller interface has multiple ways to teach positions.

Please be sure to back up your data when you edit programs or teach robot. 

Method #1: Teaching positions directly in the variable tables.

Step 1

The controller must be in MANUAL mode to teach positions.
From the top screen on the teaching pendant, press the Variable button.

You can also access the variable menu from the Shortcut button.

Step 2

Under the variable menu, you can select Position variables, Joint variables, or Homogeneous Transformation variables to teach positions.

Under these variables tables, you can jog the robot into position and press the GetPosition button to teach the robot position into the select variable register.

Step 3

Press OK to confirm the position acquisition.

Step 4

Current robot position will be stored in the selected variable.

Method #2: Teaching positions directly in programs.

Step 1

You can teach positions directly in a program. Using this method makes it a bit easier to keep track of where the positions are relative to the program itself.

After creating your motion program you can select a line that uses a position variable and click the GetPosition button to teach the position.

Step 2

You can teach positions directly in a program. Using this method Line 4 is select so we can teach P1.

After pressing GetPosition, the following message pops up. Press OK to teach that position.

Step 3

You can also teach the position from line 6 under the approach command.

On line 9, there is a Move command using multiple positions. If you select this line and press GetPosition the controller will only teach the first position in that command line. In this case, it would be position P3. 

If you want to teach the other positions, P4 and P5, you need to click the Var menu to select which position you want to teach.

Step 4

Next, select the motion command line that references multiple positions then press the All button and it will change to Func.

Click the Func button to display the positions that can be taught on that line. If the positions do not pop up, you may need to click the Save & CheckSyntax button.

Step 5

Pressing the Value column of the position you want to teach will display the positional array.

From here, a Get Pos button will appear in the middle allowing you to teach this position. 

This button works the same as the GetPosition button.
The GetPosition and Get Pos buttons may not appear on older firmware versions of the RC8/A.

Method #2.1: Teaching positions directly in programs. (when using MACROS)

Older firmware versions may not recognize macron names when teaching positions. For cases like this, you would need to teach the positions using the first method.

Here is an example of teaching a position from a position referencing a macro name.

In this case, the firmware recognizes the macro name as position P10.

Owner's Manual

You can find a step-by-step procedure on how to teach a point on our owner's manual.