Disabling Safety Motion features

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Disabling Safety Motion features on RC8A controller


RC8A Safety Motion specification equips the safety motion function.

This function monitors the robot position and speed in order to stop robot motion when the robot digresses from the predetermined range. Using this function will allow to reduce the safe distance as well as to enlarge the robot-human co-operation area.

This Safety Motion functions comply with IEC 61508 that is International Standard on safety requirements.




For initial robot setup, you may want to disable the safety motion inputs to allow you to create your robot programs and run them prior to installing your additional safety motion devices. This article will go over how to disable or enable these inputs using Wincaps3 and the RC8A safety parameter tool programs. By default, the safety motion inputs are enabled and will prevent the controller from running robot motion in AUTO if the inputs are not wiring in or disabled. The RC8A safety parameter tool is installed along with Wincaps3.



1. Create or open up a Wincaps3 project containing the robot that is being integrated. 


2. On Wincaps3, click PROJECT > PARAMETER > SAFETY



You can view and enable or disable the safety motion inputs from here. 


3. Select and modify each safety motion input you want to modify. 


4. After disabling/enable the inputs, send over the data back to the RC8A controller. 


    a) Click CONNECT 



    d) Reboot the controller after transfer is complete


5 Once the controller is done booting, you can open the RC8A safety parameter tool. This should be installed on your PC automatically once you install Wincaps3. 


6. Open up the RC8A safety parameter tool


    a)Once open, login as a programmer

    b) Click FILE 

    c) Click OPEN PROJECT 

    d) Select your Wincaps3 project (.WPJ file) 

    e) Once it is done loading the project, click CONNECT 

    f) Click PARAMETER 

    g) Input your controller's IP address if it is not correct 

    h) Click send 

    i) Once transfer is complete you will need to reboot the controller.




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