Replacing Memory backup battery (RC7/RC7M)

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  1. Overview

Programs, parameters, CAL data, etc. are stored in the internal memory of the robot controller. The memory backup battery retains the above data while the power to the robot controller is turned OFF. However, the battery has a limited lifetime and must, therefore, be replaced regularly.

Note: If two years elapse from replacement of backup battery, the "Time to change controller backup battery" message will appear on the teach pendant.

Without replacing the memory backup battery, important robot-specific data held in the memory will be lost. Recovering from such issue requires intervention by a DENSO Robotics representative. 

This caution applies ONLY in CALIFORNIA, USA.
Percolate Material - special handling may apply, see

This procedure applies to the following controller types: RC7, RC7M 

Tools and Parts needed

  • Philips-head screwdriver
  • RC7 memory backup battery.
    • 410076-0261 - Memory backup battery
If you are not sure which part number you need or the Robot Arm you own  please stop and contact your DENSO Robotics sales representative.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

This section gives an example of replacing the memory backup battery.

Caution: Before replacing the memory backup battery, be sure to save the memory data in the robot controller to the PC.

Step 1

Save the memory data held in the controller to the PC.

Step 2

Have your new memory battery readily available. 

Step 3

Turn the controller power ON, wait at least one minute, and then turn it OFF again.

Step 4

Remove two screws from the battery cover and pull them out together with the backup battery.

Step 5

Disconnect the backup battery harness.

Complete Steps 5 through 7 within three (3) minutes. Taking more time will lose the memory data.

Step 6

Set the new memory backup battery ready for use in Step 2 on the battery cover.

Step 7

Connect the backup battery harness to the controller.

Step 8

Mount the battery cover with the new backup battery into the controller and secure the  cover with the screw.

Take care not to pinch the battery lead wires between covers or internal parts. Shorting may occur, resulting in an unexpected failure.

Next Steps:

Owner's Manual Reference

Manual/Section Name: RC7M Controller Manual, Section 6.5.
Document Name: rc7m_inter-e.pdf
Download link:

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