Although a serious error of Level 5 or higher one had occurred, you attempted to perform operation without recovery from error. Not able to move the arm or perform any activities in auto.

Related Error codes:


You will need to find out what is the actual level 5 error that cause the controller to malfunction. If using the teach pendant you can review the error log data.

Here is a video on how to find the error log. 

Step-by-Step guide

Step 1

On the top screen of the teach pendant, press [F6 Set].
The Settings (Main) window appears.

Step 2

Press [F2 Log] in the Settings (Main) window.
The Log menu appears.

Step 3

Press [F1 ErrLog] in the Log menu.
The ErrLog menu appears.

Step 4

Click on Arrow down/up key to find Error code

Once you have found the actual level 5 error, review the error code list and attempt to resolve it. If you are not sure on how to solve this issue, you can contact our tech support team.