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To setup the COBOTTA properly and efficiently, do not deviate from the procedures unless some of the procedures have been completed beforehand.

The documents are based on a personal encounter on what worked best for setting up the COBOTTA. 

This document is based on installing the Ubuntu 18.04.4 OS and installing ROS Melodic Morenia into the COBOTTA OSS.

The code used to setup the COBOTTA was provided by the DENSO WAVE's Documentation of the COBOTTA OSS Type. The following documents include all the necessary code used to setup the COBOTTA.

The website links update systematically, therefore some of the documentation of the following documents may be out of date. It is recommended to follow the provided documentation, but to also refer to the other documents with their provided links. To view the full list of references with their respected links, visit the Reference Links document (links are underlined).

The COBOTTA's setup process could take more than a couple of hours. It is recommended that when taking a break, set a bookmark to keep track of the last entry.






The provided documents contain information on how to setup the DENSO COBOTTA OSS Type using the Ubuntu 18.04.4 OS and ROS Melodic Morenia. The purpose of the documents is to aid in the setting up of the COBOTTA OSS Type. The following documents are based on personal experience on setting up the COBOTTA and getting the COBOTTA to interface with RVIZ and Python. The provided documents give detailed procedures along with images to refer to when following the procedures to help set up the COBOTTA. There are five main sections on how to set up the COBOTTA. Along with setup documents, there are also guides on how to interact with the COBOTTA via the Linux terminal, coding (Python), and the 3D Interfacing Software Application (RVIZ). There are also documents on how to troubleshoot any errors that may occur during the setup portion of the COBOTTA, the troubleshooting documents contain procedures on how to get the COBOTTA running properly and is solely based on issues that were experienced during the setup.




Parts List:

Here is a full list of useful tools to have/use when setting up the COBOTTA:

DENSO Parts:


Part name:
Part Number:
AC Cord 5m (USA)
VGA Cable 0.2m1410141-5720
Emergency Stop Box1410181-0190


Additional Parts:

Part Name:Quantity:Part Number:
Computer Monitor with VGA Input Connection1Any
USB Wired Keyboard1Any
USB Wired Mouse1Any
Empty USB Stick (Contains at least 4GB)1Any
Ethernet Cable1Any

Make sure to have stable internet connection when setting up the COBOTTA

The following sections below are the links to all of the documents to setup the COBOTTA, guides on how interact with the COBOTTA, and documents on how to troubleshoot certain errors in the COBOTTA. Click on one of the links needed to start/continue setting up the COBOTTA:

COBOTTA Setup Documentation:

  1. Creating a Bootable USB
  2. Installing Ubuntu
  3. Installing ROS Melodic
  4. Installing the COBOTTA Driver
  5. Installing the ROS Dependencies, Source Code, and Build Folder


COBOTTA Interaction Guides:


COBOTTA Troubleshooting Documents:


Other Documents:

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