Configuring the BIOS Setting

Modified on Mon, 16 Aug, 2021 at 3:01 PM

This document will provide instructions on how to configure the BIOS setting of Ubuntu at startup of the COBOTTA. The reasoning for configuring the BIOS setting is to change the Graphics Configuration setting to ensure that the resolution is not restricted in the COBOTTA OSS.



Step 1:

Turn on the COBOTTA.

If the COBOTTA is already ON, restart the COBOTTA.

Step 2: 

Press the 
Esc key when the bottom left corner of the monitor displays to press either the <Esc> or <Del> keys.

This only appears for about 5 seconds in the beginning of the start up.

Step 3: 

Once inside the BIOS settings, move into the Advanced tab.

Use the arrow keys to maneuver around the BIOS setting.

Step 4: 

Hit the 
Enter key to enter into the Graphics Configuration setting.

Step 5:

Move to the LVDS Panel to disable it. To disable the LVDS Panel, hit the 
Enter key to go inside the LVDS Panel. Move to highlight Disable and hit the Enter key to disable.

This will aid in not restricting the resolution.

Step 6: 

Hit the 
Esc key to exit out of the Graphics Configuration setting.

Step 7: 

Move to the Save and Exit tab to save and exit out of the BIOS setting. Hit the 
Enter key on the Save Changes and Exit option to save the changes made and to exit out of the BIOS settings.

This concludes configuring the BIOS settings to un-restrict the resolution.


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