What is the difference between Internal Speed, External Speed, Actual Speed, and MPS Speed?

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When it comes to robot speed, DENSO robots have a few different ways of determining and setting how fast the robot will go.  DENSO industrial robots are made and intended to be repeatable, therefore the robot will itself calculate the maximum speed it can travel to maintain its rated repeatability.  This means that despite the robot being at 100% speed, it will travel at different velocities between the same two points depending on the settings of payload, the center of gravity, and the moment of inertia.

The Actual Speed (%) of the robot is determined by the ratio of the Internal and External speeds (%).  

Internal Speed

The Internal Speed (%) of the robot is typically controlled inside the various programs that are being run.  You'll see the command SPEED used to set an internal speed directly inside the program.  


External Speed

The External Speed (%) of the robot is set via an external input device, commonly a teach pendant.  This is the speed percentage that you see displayed on the top right-hand corner of the teach pendant.  Upon boot up, this is always at 1% and will need either manually or programmatically set to a higher value.  

Actual Speed

The Actual Speed (%) of the robot is not directly observed, however it can be understood as the ratio of the Internal and External speeds.   

Therefore as either the Internal or external speeds are adjusted, the Actual speed is proportionally adjusted as well.  The benefit of this is that it allows the speed to be globally adjusted say on the teach pendant, without having to enter the programs and adjust the speed commands inside the program.

MPS Speed

In the case of a dispensing or similar application, it is possible to dictate a speed for the robot in mm/s.  Use the MPS command in order to dictate the desired speed. 

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