Perform this procedure anytime the RC9 STO error 81501078 occurs

Tools and Parts Needed

RC9 robot controller and teach pendant. 

If you are not sure which part number you need or the Robot Arm you own please stop and contact your DENSO Robotics sales representative.

This error generally occurs when the STO state has changed. If the error occurs when you try to turn the motors on or change the teach pendant to "Auto mode" and run a program, you must first reset the STO before performing the action. 

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Press the "Cancel" until you are back on the main screen

Step 2

Press the "Shortcut" button

Step 3

Press the "Clear" button under STO and then press "OK"

Step 4

This should clear the STO error and allow you to turn the motors on or run your desired program from the teach pendant.