VP6242 Robot Calibration (CALSET)

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CALSET must be performed when any of the motors is replaced or the  encoder backup battery goes dead so that the position-related data  retained in the encoder is lost.

The CALSET data is different on each robot.

CALSET data should be managed by the customer. Back up the CALSET data periodically, referring to "Backing up Projects".

Tools and Parts Needed

  • Philips-head screwdriver (depends on model)
  • Allen (hex) key (depends on model)
  • CALSET Jig
    • 410192-0010 - 6th axis CALSET jig

If you are not sure which part number you need or the Robot Arm you own please stop and contact your DENSO Robotics sales representative.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

External Apperance

Step 1 - 1st Axis

Turning end in the positive direction (counterclockwise end when viewed from top) 

Step 2 - 2nd Axis

Turning end in the negative direction

Step 3 - 3rd Axis

Turning end in the positive direction

Step 4 - 4th Axis

Turning end in the positive direction (counterclockwise end when viewed from the arm end) 

Step 5 - 5th Axis

Turning end in the positive direction 

Step 6 - 6th Axis

Turning end in the positive direction, which is set by a CALSET jig

Step 6.1 - Fit the stopper pin to of the CALSET jig for the right model 

Step 6.2 - Install the CALSET jig on the 6th axis flange as shown in the figure below.

TIP: The CALSET position of the 6th axis refers to the point where the stopper pin (shown in the figure below) comes into contact with bolt (A) by turning the flange of the 6th axis.

Step 7 - Execute CALSET 

NOTE: To perform this oepration, set the user level as "Maintainer"

Operation Path: [F2 Arm ] >> [F12 Maintenance] >> [F7 CALSET]

Step 7.1 - Press [F7 CALSET] 

If you are swapping the arm or the controller you want to verify that the RANG data matches the robot. To review RANG data click [F3 Input Number]

Step 7.2 - Press [F1 CALSET] 

Select some or all joints that require CALSET and then press the OK button to confirm selection. 

ROM ver. 2.7.* or Lower
ROM ver. 2.8.* or higher

Next Steps:

Owner's Manual Reference

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