I/O Device Changed

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Applicable Errors: 





Error Description: The status or configuration of I/O devices has been changed since 

the last time the controller was powered on. 




Possible Causes: 


1. AI/O expansion card has been installed or removed from the inside of the controller and the software configuration and hardware settings are no longer compatible.


2. The I/O card in the controller has failed and is no longer detected by the controller. (replace card if damaged) 


3. A new project has been sent to the controller. The I/O settings in the project do not match the hardware installed inside of the controller.  





  • Ensure the hardware in the controller aligns with the software installed in the controller.   

Tools and Parts Needed

Full Sized Teaching Pendant  

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 

Identify what your I/O configuration should be to communicate with your machine. (EX - Standard mode / Compatible mode / Mini IO assign, etc.) 

Step 2 

Using the full sized teaching pendant navigate to – IO -> Aux -> AlocMode. 


Step 3 

Select the configuration your machine was integrated with (Mini IO assign / Compatible / Standard, etc.). Select OK. 

Step 4 

Cycle power on your controller. Upon bootup the error should no longer be generated. Confirm robot controller / PLC handshaking works correctly. 

Step 5 

 If you continue to experience the 220F error, you may need to investigate having the controller repaired.  

Next Steps:

Use the RC7 Options Manual to confirm the I/O mapping of your machine & make note of IO setting on controller cover for future use.  

  • For repair options in the Americas please contact support@densorobotics.com 

  • For repair options outside of the Americas, please contact your local Denso Service Center. 

Owner's Manual Reference

Download RC7 Manual Pack to aid in determine the correct controller configuration- CADs and Manuals - DENSO Robotics 

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