Encoder System Down Failure

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Applicable Errors: 

6411 - J1 encoder system down failure 

6412 - J2 encoder system down failure 

6413 - J3 encoder system down failure 

6414 - J4 encoder system down failure 

6415 - J5 encoder system down failure 

6416 - J6 encoder system down failure 

6417 - J7 encoder system down failure 

6418 - J8 encoder system down failure 


Error Description: 

Failed to read the encoder information of the corresponding axis. 


Possible Causes: 

1.Dead Batteries in the robot. Batteries inside of the robot operate at 3.6V +/- 20%. If the batteries are low the batteries in the robot arm need to be replaced, the affected encoder(s) need to be reset, cycle power on the controller,   


  1. 2. A motor was changed or was unplugged from the wiring harness inside of the robot arm. To resolve this error confirm affected joints, reset encoder(s), cycle power on the controller, and calibrate robot.  


  1. 3.Temporary disconnection of the power conversion board inside of the robot. 


  1. 4. A motors encoder has become damaged. Exchange the motorreset encoder, calibrate affected joint.  




Identify and resolve the cause of the error and then reset the encoder using the guide below  


Tools and Parts Needed

 Full Sized Teaching Pendant

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 

Confirm affected joint(s) by using the full-sized teaching pendant 

From the main screen of the pendant select – Arm –Shift – Maint – ENC INF.  


Step 2 

Identify the affected joint(s) 

Joint(s) affected by this error can be identified by a black square in the System Status column.

Step 3 

Reset encoder(s) for affected joint(s) 

 Resetting Encoder (RC7 / RC7M) : DENSO Robotics KB 

Step 4 

Cycle power on your controller. 

Step 5 

Calibrate all joints that were reset.  

How do I perform a CALSET for the robot? : DENSO Robotics KB 

Next Steps: 

  • For repair options in the Americas please contact support@densorobotics.com 

  • For repair options outside of the Americas, please contact your local Denso Service Center.  

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