How to offset the angle from flange to end of tooling

Modified on Wed, 02 Mar 2022 at 12:46 PM

 The angles for your end of arm tooling, Rx, Ry, and Rz, are all set manually as the easy edit option cannot determine how this angle will be based on the points taught. The easy edit option always sets the tool angles to 0.


If you are unsure if you set the angles correctly, you can verify the tool offset inside of Wincaps3 by going to the arm operation tab and selecting your motion mode as tool and then selecting the tool offset you created. You should see a red coordinate system pop up on the 3D arm view. It will also indicate the directions of positive X, Y, and Z in the tool coordinate. The image below shows the tool offset without the correct rotations.


Inside of Wincaps3, as you modify the tool coordinate system, you will see the red tool coordinate system shift as well as long as it is selected in the arm operation window. Here we have the corrected offset which is set to follow the direction of the tool’s Z axis.

This was done by simply inputting angle values into the tool menu inside of Wincaps3. You can then send over these angles to the robot controller and view them from the arm menu.

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