RC7 Understanding the Error Log

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Understanding the error log will aid in troubleshooting problems with the RC7 controller. 


The error log itself is not responsible for the controller being in an error state, rather it is a list of errors that have been recorded by the controller.


The error log in the RC7 controller records and displays up to 1000 errors. Every error that is recorded includes a date and time stamp, error code including error level, error message. If the error was generated while running a program, the error log may display the program that was running, and the line number the program was on when the error was generated. The error log operates by displaying the most recent error at the top of the log. As new errors are generated, older errors in the log will be indexed downward. When the 1000 error limit is reached, the oldest errors in the log will be deleted as new errors are generated. 


The error log utilizes the date and time setting of the controller. The current date and time will be logged with an error when it is generated. If the date and time setting within the controller is incorrect, the date and time setting logged with an error will be incorrect. 


A controller’s reaction to errors will differ depending on the level of error. Level 1 through level 4 errors can generally be resolved by correcting the issue such as releasing the emergency stop button, turning on the motor power, etc. Level 5 errors are significant errors which require the error to be resolved and controller power to be cycled. 


When troubleshooting a controller that is generating errors which prevent normal operation, the errors generated on the current power cycle are the errors of interest. To identify a power cycle in a controller, look for the most recent 2C07 (Interruption of Power Detected) error. Once the most recent 2C07 error is found in the list, all errors above this error in the list should be taken into consideration when troubleshooting. Level 5 errors should be given special attention, as level 5 errors prevent any controller operation until the cause of error is resolved, and power is cycled.  


Full sized teaching pendants will display detailed error information on the pendant.


Mini Pendants can only display the error code with error level.  


Obtaining a new Wincaps III backup of the controller will allow the full error log to be viewed with detailed error information. 

Tools and Parts Needed

Teaching Pendant (full-sized or mini)

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

To open the error log from main screen of full sized pendant select “Set” →”Log” → “ Error Log” 

Step 2

Identify the 2C07 error in the error log & record all errors above the 2C07.

Step 3

Identify errors of concern in the list identified in step 2. Research the errors using the error manual or by contacting Denso for support. 

Next Steps:

  • For repair options in the Americas please contact support@densorobotics.com
  • For repair options outside of the Americas, please contact your local Denso Service Center. 

Owner's Manual Reference

Download RC7 Manual Pack to aid in determine the correct controller configuration- CADs and Manuals - DENSO Robotics 

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