The following explains the encoder resetting procedure.

Tools and Parts needed

Full size Teach Pendant to follow this menus.  

  • 410100-1761 - Teach Pendant (4m) (RC7/8)
  • 410100-1771 - Teach Pendant (8m) (RC7/8) 
  • 410100-1781 - Teach Pendant (12m) (RC7/8) 

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Turn on the power switch on controller.

Step 2

Set the mode select switch on teaching pendant to MANUAL.

Step 3

Push [F2 Arm] on the pendant screen.

Step 4

Push [SHIFT].

Step 5

Push [F6 Maint.].

Step 6

Push [F11 ENC rst].

Step 7

Enter the axis to be reset and push [OK].

Step 8

Confirm the message and push [OK] twice.

Step 9

Push [Cancel] twice to return to the original screen.